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How to write a theme essay

Article or books have themes that present the central idea of the book, to successfully write a good theme essay, one need to identify the central theme of the book.  A theme is a universal idea presented in a text.  The theme is not stated, you are required to evaluate the central theme after reading the book. Its only after identifying the central theme of the book is when you can begin writing your essay. The first process is to introduce your essay followed by the thesis statement that conveys an articulate point about the theme.

The body paragraph should reflect the elements used in the book and the broader meaning. The analysis shows how the main idea has been illustrated within the text. The analysis examines why the characters make specific choices and how the author develops his plot. The body paragraphs answer by explaining to the reader why the story is important. When writing a theme essay, you need to incorporate quotes from the book as evidence to support your analysis.  Direct quotes from the book will easily link the theme of the story. Quotes need to be cited properly followed by an explanation of the main point of discussion like another essay; a theme essay should end with a concluding paragraph to summarize the main essay ideas. Always remember to revise your essay to ensure that the essay is professionally done before submitting it.

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