As much as one denies, or speaks about the unintentional nature, it is true that most tech startups that have flourished, were started by middle and upper- class white males. As per a study, 77% of the tech startup founders were white, while 90% are males. In case, one is not from this class though, there is no need to despair, yet. This is because of some advice that has come up. The first one of them is not to be too cautions, or be afraid to fail. For business innovations to see the light of day, risks need to occasionally be undertaken. The right investors somehow need to be attracted to the cause. For an entrepreneur, in the early days, talent recruitment is going to be a challenge. So, the “Army of One” mentality has to be gauged. Instead if the traditional business plan, one might as well opt for a pitch deck. Investors can ultimately be best brought on board, only when they are shown tangible proof on the upcoming incomes.


Uploaded Date:18 October 2019

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