At times of major business challenge, adversity and transformation, it is companies with the best of talent management practices that succeed. Facebook, Haier, Black Stone, Back Rock, Apple, Google, Aon, Telenor and Tata Communications are few such companies praised for their practices. They do not rely solely on the HR for people-related initiatives but consider it a collective effort. These companies also put tremendous focus on identification of leaders. One task that CEOs have at such companies is to ensure complete alignment among the values and objectives of the employees with the corporate strategy at the top. Talent driven organizations need to be lead a G-3 involving the CEO, CFO and CHRO. People allocation needs to be followed as stringently as one would allocate finance. The board of directors need to be brought onside with this philosophy. The top talent at each level needs constant nudging in order to further improve.


Uploaded Date:17 March 2018

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