Some leaders are good at agile methods so stimulate organizational transformation on those lines. This is a huge challenge for the leaders who occupy the top positions. While they were rising up the ranks, the system was completely different, so they need to engage in proactive unlearning. Not all agile behaviors may be relevant for each organization, so the leader will need to gauge the right ones. A Europe-based financial institution which recently underwent such transformation, outlined some of the traits needed. Trust and openness are the first two. Lowered ego and sense of collaboration are the next. Transparency needs to be maintained within and externally. Employees and the management need to be accountable in their actions. It is important that agile ways be dictated from the very top. The leaders need to behave as change catalysts themselves. They will need to develop talent management abilities by empowering others within their teams. New behaviors not only get accepted but are in fact celebrated.


Uploaded Date:15 June 2018

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