Transformation creates opportunities for the future while change merely mends the past. That is why one must go for the former and not the latter. These two words are often used interchangeably but are not. Due to this confusion transformation is now often seen as merely cost cutting and use of new technologies. Change merely tries to address that already present. Words often used in business meetings such as hardest, faster, greater or more are comparative, so rooted in past experiences or performances. Instead of asking “what’s wrong”, transformation efforts pose the question “what if”. Business innovations often arise out of these as new fields of performance are designed. Uncontested markets are explored for this. Nokia is a perfect example of a company that tried change but could not as it was rooted to its past, namely its OS which was indeed inferior to Apple’s. Corning on the other hand has survived in this age of disruption by thinking anew.


Uploaded Date:25 August 2018

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