The USA faces a wide-ranging mental illness problem. The number of suicides as a result of depression and the consumption of anti-depression pills has gone up immensely. Yet, about 40% of the country’s population lives in area inaccessible to psychiatrists. That is where the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can avert the epidemic to some extent. AI in its present avatar is not without flaws, especially when dealing with people. Inherent biases creep up depending on the samples modeled on, so false alarms may be sent. This is something that AI vendors will have to work on. There are four main approaches that AI can be used in to detect and cure mental illnesses. First of all, humans can be made better using the virtual mental health services of Problems can be anticipated using the services of Quartet Health. How Quartet does this is through its enormous data warehousing capabilities, where it maps the various symptoms to predict what can happen. A Dr. Bot can also come in use, which will genuinely present medical advice and treatment. Next generation services can also be predicted. We do not as of now know what kind of mental problems could afflict the people in the future, so these may be compiled by using the services of players such as Ellie.


Uploaded Date:10.November 2018

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