Drunkenness has long been a problem in some European countries, especially along its north-east. The three Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as well as neighbors Poland and Finland have long been known for its high-levels of alcohol consumption. In pure alcohol terms, Lithuania stands right on top in the entire world while Estonia and Latvia are on 11th and 14th places respectively. And this for a region with a combined population less than Austria. To tackle this issue, the government of Finland imposed heavy taxes, making alcohol consumption a near luxury there. Estonia and Lithuania followed suit. But as a result of this, instead of curbing consumption, it has led to increased alco-tourism to neighbouring Latvia and Poland, where it still remains dirt cheap. Business innovations have sprung up where residents of Finland, Lithuania and Estonia are specially driving down to Poland and Latvia to take advantage of the cheaper alcohol. This model may not last long though as the next revision of excise rates will be in March 2019 in Latvia.Source:


Uploaded Date:25 August 2018

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