It is commonly understood that to enhance the quality of experience at the workplace, fruitful relations with one’s superior is a must. Some bosses are known to be the types who will enhance this job satisfaction. Some common traits have been identified which will have the best of impact for supervising others. First of all, talent management is about dealing with individuals on a micro level and not overall teams alone. The most amazing of bosses put a lot of focus on finding meaning at work towards a bigger purpose. Feedback from employees is rarely taken, as understood from a study conducted in 2013 by the Society for Human Resource Management. But when done rightly, constructive feedback can lead to a lot of work improvements. Bosses are often associated with talking too much, but the best of them complement that by also listening to others to gauge authentic business intelligence. They are also consistent in their approach. Expectations do not vibrate overnight.


Uploaded Date:17 October 2018

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