It is clear from Toyota’s investments that the Japanese automotive giant is in no mood to give up its industry leader status in the upcoming 4th industrial revolution. It is investing resources on capabilities in Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics and big data. The Toyota AI Ventures has invested in May Mobility to propel self-driving shuttles ferry passengers across college campuses and central business districts. Its other investments in this field include Nauto, Intuition Robotics, Box bot and SLAM core. In terms of robotics, the company has invested in Human Support Robot (HSR) which is one of the most powerful of its kind. Toyota’s AI enhancements are also working on automobiles. It collaborated with Japan Taxi to curate an AI-enabled cab dispatch mechanism. It engages in large-scale data warehousing which it tracks using real time feed. This warehouse is then used to gauge trends to reduce accidents by as much as possible. In this field, Toyota has also invested in Perceptive Automata and developed its own Concept i-electric vehicles.


Uploaded Date:13 November 2018

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