A study conducted in the year 2017 by marketing research firm Gallup, clearly indicated that just over half of those surveyed, were looking for fresh employment opportunities. More than actual newer jobs, many want more flexible work hours, better vacation policies, tele- work and compressed work weeks. A similar conclusion was reached in 2019 when the Met Life Employee Benefits Trend Study was published. Talent management professionals need to scrutinize such studies more carefully. Better scheduling helps all, as has been proven at retail outlets such as at Mercadona and Costco. Productivity is enhanced, while employees are happier, leading to reduced absenteeism, and more balance to the staff turnover rates. Flexibility is often a stigma for traditional employers, who view it as too much of employee power. Before trying to shift schedules, one needs to shift the mindsets.


Uploaded Date:14 October 2019

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