Sales heads would always want to get the best returns on investments. For this, they rely on data analysis and forecast reports to close the gaps in the sales pipeline. A lot of times, adequate data is not available. In spite of the best of intentions, the CRM reporting tools are often flawed due to them being filled out by sales reps themselves. Management consulting giant Bain has experimented with several suites and applications, but the one best suited has been found out to be Microsoft’s Workplace Analytics earlier known as Volo Metrix. This suite is used in three main circumstances which are coverage model design, sales resource to market opportunities alignment and identification followed by adoption of behaviours most conducive to sales growth. One major finding recently was that a lot of field personnel were not providing bang-per-buck. Even though more expensive than office staff, the productivity was lower, so many positions got slashed resulting in savings of US$ 40 million.


Uploaded Date:27/06/2017

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