Andres Iniesta has been amongst the greatest footballers to have embraced the game over the last decade or so. He has won everything the game has had to offer. Yet, his farewell picture that went viral, went beyond merely winning and losing. It portrayed a sense of loneliness that all human beings go through. Yes, he will have a whole new career in Japan, but his time at Barcelona came to an end, thus signifying, the end of an era. Beyond his own career on the field, Iniesta was also someone who gained the respect from across opponents, both at club and international level. Companies should also understand the human undercurrents. Those with good talent management systems tend to make sure that farewells are most respectful, as well as engaging. The space in between that Iniesta occupied that night in Barcelona, is termed by academicians as liminality, or space between the two worlds. By such respectful farewells, a lot more can be communicated.


Uploaded Date:26 June 2019

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