One thing common about the top performing companies, is the alignment across functions. The corporate strategy of such firms is streamlined to match the capabilities and their purpose. However, closer scrutiny suggests that in a lot of organizations, there is no individual in charge of this portfolio. It is often a mis-mash of random capabilities mixed with their departmental work which all collaborates together. Strategic alignment is not necessarily a function for the senior-most leadership. Instead a particular enterprise leadership is needed. Unlike traditional leadership that primarily focuses on talent management and how to utilize the limited resources in the right manner. In enterprise leadership, the person needs to possess multiple capabilities to navigate across disciplines, levels, nationalities, stakeholders and various phases of projects. Enterprise leaders are in charge of the overall vision of the firm and designing each intricate component of the same to ensure consistent execution of strategy defined. Japanese multinational Ricoh is one such company that has got this strategic alignment and enterprise leadership spot-on.


Uploaded Date:08 February 2018

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