Artificial Intelligence (AI) has long existed, but only now is it entering into mainstream business away from nerdy jargon. Four major ways have been identified how it is being used in business. To understand these ways, AI users have been categorized into Pioneers, Experimenters and Investigators on the basis of level of usage from high to low. Pioneers are at present further increasing their AI footprint with 88% of those surveyed in a joint study by MIT and BCG, claiming using more so than last year. They also wish to see AI being used across business functions as a key differentiator within their organizations. For that the corporate strategy will need to be clear about the role of AI in it. Instead of cost-saving, they prioritize revenue generating applications. While truly, AI is creating hopes among the people, it is also creating its fair share of fear among the workers.


Uploaded Date:26 September 2018

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