There is much hype now in the digital age regarding the use of artificial intelligence to business. A lot of stories have emerged on AI bots and killer robots. But before plunging headlong, any company needs to understand what exactly works, and what is mere hype. Self- driving cars are proving to be quite a rage now. But at present, more than the accrual usage, more important is the data warehousing. This will ensure that the right insights are generated for a future when such vehicles will be in greater use. A lot of the technologies which are proving to be hits, are not completely novel, but in fact extensions of earlier innovations such as that of business analytics. The Internet of Things is also proving to be a substantial hit. Investments are also soaring in. The entire investment trajectory is following the S curve. In sales and marketing in particular, AI investments are getting hot.


Uploaded Date:15 June 2019

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