There is a lot of talk now on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), deep learning and machine learning being applied to various business processes. One area where the use of AI needs to be ramped up is in talent recruitment especially at the executive level. A venture capital firm in Hong Kong – Deep Knowledge Ventures- used AI to direct its investment portfolio after it realized that there were too many of its investments that had gone awry. So, a suite was assigned to its board of directors to aid them, and now the firm holds AI is crucial to bringing it back from the brink. Even the healthcare industry is making use of a gene-editing tool by CRISPR to solve its problems. AI has to be used to reduce the time required in the hiring process. But for this to happen, the firm must hone its data warehousing processes, as data is the fuel behind all this use of AI. Once this is done, a pipeline has to be curated that is based on succession data and the hiring trends. The tools must then be deployed to predict or suggest the right compensation figures and the most qualified candidate fits.


Uploaded Date:03 December 2018

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