Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already here and ready to stay in the tourism industry. While AI has already disrupted several industries, gradually through algorithms and chatbots it has carved out a niche in the travel industry. This has led to fears about the loss of tourism jobs. A survey conducted by Opinion Way shows that about two-thirds of French citizens are fearful about the leak of personal data due to this. A smaller figure for similar reasons are reluctant to use self-driving cars. Consulting firm McKinsey states that about three-fifths of the industry will be affected an a third of industrial activities wiped out by AI, leading to loss of nearly sixty million jobs globally. Some countries will be affected more than others with China leading the way. Conversely, an increase in demand for recreation could lead to more than three-hundred million jobs getting created as well. Companies must thus rework their talent management strategies so as to retain the top personnel and recruit according to present needs.


Uploaded Date:14 December 2017

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