Feedback needs to be a regular and specific activity. A complaint that junior or mid- level employees often have about their reporting officers, is the lack of succinct feedback being provided. It leads to several assumptions being formed in the minds of the employees. One such is that they assume not being given feedback, means they’re doing fine. However, not creating trouble must merely be the minimum threshold point, but not a celebration for not being in the news. Another such assumption frequently made is that their seniors do not trust the subordinates with honest feedback. Apparently, they will not be able to handle any sort of criticism. This is poor talent management, as employees in such cases, do not get to know where they stand or how to improve further. A third assumption is where the employee gets the hint that his/ her boss does not consider any change possible in the person. To change this, a growth mindset needs to be adopted for oneself and all subordinates as well.


Uploaded Date:03 July 2019

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