Once an employee is hired, challenges increase. So, one needs to assess prior to the final selection for strains of toxicity, which may hamper the team’s productivity in the future. To avoid the talent recruitment of toxic employees, the first step to be taken is to probe on civility during the interview itself. It must include questions such as previous boss’s views on the candidate, subordinates’ views, areas to improve, past failures and abilities to manage others. One needs to observe behaviours on aspects such as punctuality during the interview, any signs of negativity about the former employer and whether the person takes responsibility for one’s own failures in the past. The team needs to be involved during this hiring process. References need to be gauged from others on the candidate’s civility. But before it all, the recruiter needs to have a check on oneself, so that he/ she does not slip on any matters of civility, while preaching to others.


Uploaded Date:26 August 2019

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