A book recently penned by Adam Kahane – Power and Love: A Theory and Practice of Social Change- explores the complicated and often synergetic relationship between love and power. He quotes Martin Luther King Jnr. in stating that one without the other is pointless. This is something business leaders must practice especially at times of crisis or transformation. The writer has observed this trends in both business and non-for-profit situations from his vantage point of being a partner at management consulting firm Reos Partners. Some of his ideas were adopted by the government of South Africa in the early 1990s at a time of great transformation. President Nelson Mandela wanted to integrate the country’s diverse racial groups in a way which later became known as the Mont Fleur Scenarios named after a conference center in Cape Town. On further introspection though it was realized, that basing transformation purely on human harmony is not always feasible, so a middle pathhas been devised.


Uploaded Date:06 February 2018

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