Corporate transformation has become the new buzzword, especially for digital initiatives. Management consulting giant BCG in a study confirms that a little over half the large companies are going through some sort of transformation and nearly three-fourths of them have overlapping programmes to execute this. Few companies though have proper change-management policies in place. That is why BCG has developed its Transformation Impact Platform (TIP) where the right tools have been produced from the 750 plus clients the company has worked with in the sphere of transformation. A sense of commitment from the organization is first cemented followed by a dedicated execution achieved through the BCG Impact Centers. Bureaucracy and inertia are first stripped off by TIP which follows a three-dimensional approach. Those triple maxims are- energize, equip and execute. TIP performs better than rivals as it has greater flexibility in approach and produces results quicker. Its impact is sustainable, not only immediate. TIP’s portfolio management is extremely adaptive.


Uploaded Date:15 June 2018

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