A new book published titled Organizations for People, written by Michael O’Malley along with Bill Baker, charts the twenty- one organizations considered as the best companies to work in. These were selected post extensive business research conducted by the writers. They also found out some common traits that such companies do, which set them apart form most of the rest. One such thing is that for them the people come first, so they start off by setting the right talent management systems across the organization, right from the outset. This also enables the employees to find their passions, to further pursue them. They also help bring the people together on a personal level. Special occasions are celebrated, as one way to do so. The list of companies that make it to the select twenty- one, includes the likes of Patagonia, N2 Publishing,, The Motley Fool and INTUITIVE, besides others. These companies ace it, when it comes to encouraging their employees to own their work. Space is also created so that people can be themselves. Work ethics tend to stick at such places.


Uploaded Date:27 December 2019

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