People analytics is a subset of business analytics that collects data on employees and uses its derived statistical insights to make talent management decisions. Not long back, this was a novelty but now it is pervasive. There have even been famous case studies such as Dell’s to improve the success of its sales force and Google Project Oxygen. But beyond the hype, the impact has not been as pointed as was expected. A study by TCS for example reveals that a mere 5% of investments in such data-intensive fields is channeled towards HR. Deloitte meanwhile states that just 9% of companies have proper understanding of people analytics. This people analytics comprises of two main attributes, starting with traits that cannot be changed such as ethnicity and gender. The other is the state which includes aspects that will change such as age, attendance records and education levels. Instead of merely people analytics, companies would be well-advised to explore relational analytics. There exist six signatures of relational analytics. These are- ideation, influence, innovation, efficiency, silos and vulnerability.


Uploaded Date:31st October 2018

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