Rarer things are usually worth more, as per the demand-and-supply model that predominates capitalist societies. This behaviour gets embedded in humans since childhood. Bill Gates though says that the dominance of the model will soon disappear thanks to the ongoing economic shifts that have left political leaders in their wake. A lot of the leading companies in the world for example make their money out of intangible stuff. In his book Capitalism without Capital, Gates asserts that this intangible investment carries new risks for businesses, not accounted for in the traditional, outmoded accounting methods. He also pinpoints that the way GDP is measured by countries does not consider intangible elements such as market research and development. This is also why non-tech-savvy political leaders are often not in the best of positions to regulate the industry, especially social media, which works very differently from traditional business in terms of revenue generation.


Uploaded Date:01 September 2018

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