A new business book has been published titled What it Takes: Lessons in the Pursuit of Excellence. It has been authored by Steve Schwarzman, who is the CEO of the Blackstone Group. He founded the company with his fellow Lehman Brothers outcaste- Pete Peterson. Bucking the trend of several Wall Street giants crumbling, Blackstone has kep growing stronger. In this book, Schwarzman explains how culture is the key to any organization’s success. This culture in turn has to be anchored from the very top. As any company grows bigger, the challenges to maintaining that conducive culture, increase many fold. That is why it is advisable to include the same, as a key component within the corporate strategy itself. Schwarzman also believes that for several team leaders, a challenge arrives when they need to delegate or share credit with their team members. This needs to go. Some of the great lessons Schwarzman learnt early on in life at Wall Street, turned out to be the negative ones. They reinforced his understanding on things to avoid.


Uploaded Date:25 May 2020

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