While most individuals get attracted to innovations, this trend can affect far more people, directly or indirectly if a CEO keeps getting distracted by the bright, shiny object. It takes the focus off executing the plans, and adds unnecessary pressure. It is at such times that some techniques can help the team get back on track towards the task at hand. One such technique is that the professional and his /her senior can decide on a code word to use when such matters some up, to bring the latter back down to reality. Another may be the deployment of a ready reference tool such as a formal document to be used where all such new innovations are discussed. In this way, these futuristic ideas do not interfere with the existing plans. All team meetings must begin with anchoring statements to set the context. Here, a specific person is designated in charge of recording all such new ideas. Even if the manager has set the tone for these business innovations to be worked on, they may have forgotten about them having in the first place mentioned through pure passion. So, it is necessary, that the subordinates stay in regular touch through emails regarding these new ideas. A specific time period must be allocated when development work will begin on the said new, shiny object. Finally, the leader who comes up with these innovative ideas must be encouraged to join the team in its development. This will ensure that the corporate strategy does not remain remote from the actual execution.


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