In any organization or sector, there exist multiple hurdles that come in the way of developing or implementing business innovations. To avoid the pitfalls of these speed- breakers, companies need to apply several interventions that may be called as BEANs. This stands for Behaviour Enablers, Artifacts and Nudges. Successful BEAN interventions need to be simple and practical. They must involve some fun. Being trackable is equally important, so that the right business intelligence can be gauged for the interventions. These behaviours must also be reinforceable. Another important quality of the BEANs has to be them being organizationally consistent. Before building a BEAN, it is necessary for the firm to specific the characteristics they desire out of it. They must also be able to recognize the blockers in this process. Even after the implementation begins, it must be flexible enough to be able to come up improvised interventions, if needed. A lack of context, voice or time are usually the reasons for such BEANs to be implemented.


Uploaded Date:2 November 2019

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