A technological revolution alone isn’t enough to impact any business. A simultaneous organizational one is also needed to truly ring in the changes. It was only the early factory system, for instance, that truly harnessed the potential of the steam engine. Right now it is the turn of digital to undergo such changes. The agile talent management method is one such key example. Another change this will bring in is to bridge the gap between the managers and the actual work. Indeed, managers are already putting many more hours at work, in this present hyper- connected world. But a lot of their time, goes up in non- productive tasks, such as meetings, conferences and emails. Part of this happened due to the rise in business complexity, that meant that few people had to handle the corporate strategy from the very top. But now that the technological complexity has also risen, if managers are not involved in the real value- creation, they do not really appreciate the process. Instead of maintaining a command and control system of yore, managers now need to orchestrate a certain behavioral system. While earlier the design and execution were divorced, now one needs to frame policies through action.


Uploaded Date:29 June 2019

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