Several organizations nurture leaders who are known as the rock star bosses. They are the kind whose words will instantly motivate a group without ever sugar-coating the fails. In politics, business and military, such leaders still need to maintain an aura of authority. The true rock star who happens to be a boss is Bruce Springsteen. His lyrics have timely questioned societal values and where his nation is headed. He is now set to go on a solo show which will include readings from his autobiography- Born to Run. Some lessons may be gleaned from the trajectories of such inspirational leaders who combine art with business. First of all, in order to attract people’s attention, it is pertinent to cater to their imagination. Any art or craft one is in to, must be defined by a certain purpose. While love for an art is often the casus belli for eliciting some business innovation,one’s legacy will only get stronger through proper reflection.


Uploaded Date:09 January 2018

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