Running the operations of an insights or innovation programme is relatively easier as the processes are already set in place. Much more complicated is developing such a programme right from scratch. There exist several perspectives on how to execute such a plan. The most popular ones are those provided by managementgurus such as Tony Ulwick, Stephen Shapiro, Geoff Tuff, Braden Kelleyand Scott Anthony. According to Ulwick, there are five major obstacles which companies need to proactively weed out instead of relying on pure luck. First of all, one must understand that business innovation is a process and not a one-time hack. The process need not be executed backwards. Innovation tools adopted must be compatible with each other, while a budget and time needs to be fixed for all functions. And finally, one must adopt newer marketing research methods to the mix. Shapiro believes that while most companies adopt an idea-driven approach, better would be a Challenge-centred innovation. Kelley has drafted an Infinite Innovation Infrastructure that includes an innovation strategy, vision, goals and a catalyst. Anthony is of the opinion that before the process begins, the company must outline the specific problems is looks to solve. Tuff meanwhile states that the innovation must match-up to the ambition level of the group. The usual playbooks must be left aside, instead focus must be put on the operating procedures and individual responsibilities.


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