When employees run into each other in office space, they exchange pleasantries in order to build trust. But this situation gets complicated in the modern workplace which is often geographically distributed across international boundaries. In such situations, two different kinds of trust and similar two types of knowledge are needed. The first two are swift and passable trust, with the last two being direct and reflected knowledge. Swift trust is the condition where colleagues can connect with each other from the word go. Passable trust though develops with time where no one expects any deeper relations to blossom. Neither are perfect relations, but any leader truly good at the art of talent management will combine them with the kinds of knowledge mentioned. Direct knowledge involves understanding the behavioral patterns and personal attributes of remote co-workers. The reflected kind of knowledge on the other hand occurs when one can view one’s own work site from the point-of-view of foreign collaborators.


Uploaded Date:13 February 2018

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