At the recent annual conference of IBM called Amplify held at Las Vegas, company members as well as external stakeholders poke about several upcoming innovations. A lot of them for obvious reasons centred around AI. But the GM of IBM’s Watson IoT tells us that AI for her organization does not stand for artificial intelligence as it normally does, but for augmented intelligence. While in the former case, machines or robots replace humans, in the latter, they augment human intelligence with machine computing power. Data is getting so important and widespread that marketers should be able to pinpoint customers’ next moves. The data warehousing being done can enable marketers to get a grip on style preferences, hobbies, past interactions, purchase history and marketing campaigns’ success. But detailed analysis is necessary so that the numbers can be broken down into meaningful information by blending past with future requirements. Traditional “mom and pop” stores excelled at meaningful interactions because they had a cohort of exclusive loyal customers. This will get replicated for larger stores using AI.


Uploaded Date: 22nd May 2017

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