Researches across the US are pointing out to the growing incidences of burnout at work. The General Social Survey for example has brought out that in contrast to two decades back, the percentage of such reporting has doubled. About half the workforce claims to be exhausted. A lot of this tiredness can be attributed to loneliness as an added vice. Another study conducted by the University of California states that loneliness reduces longevity by a staggering seventy percent, which is greater than all other commonly heard habits such as drinking, obesity or smoking. Marketing research firm Gallup in partnership with the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University has found out that this loneliness has led to a 37% increase in absenteeism, 49% more accidents, 16% reduction in profitability and a whopping 65% lower share price. Companies have devised some strategies to counter this ailment. One such strategy is to create a workplace that promotes inclusion and empathy. Another is to stimulate employees across the organization to forge strong developmental networks. Any collective success at the firm needs to be celebrated involving the entire team.


Uploaded Date:07/07/2017

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