Marketers are increasingly using data analytics to derive business intelligence about the market and their competitors. A management consulting publication has provided us with some methods which will ensure this happens successfully. An internal triad must be developed aligning marketing, analytics and finance. Smart, tough and precise questions must be posed within the team. Smartest possible technology must be bought or developed keeping in mind data integration, optimization functionality of the tool, and its business fit.  Results must be checked for using statistics as well as human gut feeling. Cross functional connections may be developed. Operations must be flexible. Finally, results must be displayed to several stakeholders.

As per business research conducted, organizations which are led from the top by leaders who are digitally savvy, are doing much better than the rest. About a third of companies with annual revenues in excess of a quarter of a billion dollars are digital firms up from a fifth last year. Management consulting giant Gartner conducted this research across the US, UK, Germany and Australia. About seventy percent of respondents answered that top priority for their firms was to imbibe technology in the operations.

Experiential marketing is the way forward as this form encapsulates customer experiences best. Companies often lack that holistic, rounded view about the customer, which can only happen through on the ground experiences.Business consulting giant Cap Gemini has tagged several existing technologies as business innovation towards separate work profiles. Some industries though have been laggards in adopting these technologies and surprisingly, telecom is one such. In fact there exist six stages of digital maturity for firms. Based on level of maturity, depends content across platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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