Human Resources (HR) has been getting a lot of things wrong, but now on the path towards correction thanks to the right use of big data analysis. A lot like Bill James, the legendary statistician made use of data in baseball, similarly people analytics is playing a role in HR. One way in which the impact already appears is sources of talent recruitment. Analytics is enabling specific pointers towards demographics, professional history, performance, tenure and branch information for the recruitment team to know where exactly to look for the talent pool. There are a lot of inherent biases prevalent among humans, which reflect during the recruitment phase. There is also a lot of noise as for each post available, a lot of people apply, even without the relevant qualifications. Screening resumes can be an arduous task, best left to automated analytics tools now. The people management is also improving thanks to the judicious use of people analytics. This is addressing the long-held attrition issues. HR teams are now able to pinpointedly understand the issues to work on, to improve employee retention.


Uploaded Date:27 September 2018

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