Digital transformation has typically been associated with incidents of customers, employees and partners being disrupted. There still remain smart tactics to survive this purge, and even thrive in it. The MIT Sloan Center for Information Systems Research has conducted a thorough data warehousing operation over the past four years, to come up with specific pointers to this end. There are four transformational paths towards this final goal. The first one, is about ensuring the operational efficiency. Then, the brand needs to focus on the customer experience. Both these two need to be addressed via iterative steps. Finally, a future- ready organization needs to be curated from scratch by breaking away to a fresh entity. The first stage is known as the Decision rights, followed by new ways of thinking. The third stage within the organizational explosions curve is to possess a platform mindset. And lastly, there needs to be an organizational surgery.


Uploaded Date:14 August 2019

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