Business research conducted by Forrester has clearly proved what was long suspected. Customer experience has a direct impact on business and sales. In a quantitative study conducted, it was realized that “customer experience drives business growth”. Three start examples shine out. AT & T is one such company that has connected disparate services into a single offering, thus allowing customers greater control over services they use. Ingredion a company that processes potatoes and similar products for the food industry, has added great value by making sure a substantial proportion of their final products are gluten free. This is particularly helpful to people with certain ailments. Vanguard is an investment management company but they have innovated to make their offerings less expensive in an industry notorious for costs. Now it offers digital interaction tools bringing down the cost per sitting substantially. These are three companies that have proven the maxim that “customer experience drives business growth”.


Today Business Research is the foundation for all new and growing Businesses.From Manufacturing to Services sector ,all businesses have unique problems and issues of sustainability.Business research in areas of uncertainity is imperitive as a tool to keep it going as well as proactively avoid major shakeouts.New Ideas and innovations also need to be tested and well researched in implementation to ensure success of the product.

SKYLINE has a group of experts having extensive knowledge base in Digital Marketing & Automation ,IT & Telecom,Tourism & Hospitality,Consumer products -FMCG as well as Durables,Phrama & Biogenerics,Healthcare,Automotive & ancilliaries and Infrastructure. These experts have impeccable credentials including cutting edge experience.They regularly attend sectoral meets hosted by industry Chamabers like FICCI,CII,and NHRD etc. and help them in bringing out reports.

The research resources available for focussed report generation,now essentially structured with global,regional ,national and local level perspectives,major players,their financials,business drivers,differential advantage,substitute threat,disruptive forces/changes,tariff barriers,sectoral technology evolution,market scenario and competition etc. are mapped Research assignments in the past include corporates like Honda,Tanishq,GMR ,Future Retail and CII and A T Kearney etc.

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Branding used to be a top-down strategy but has now moved into the lateral space due to customers being far better informed than earlier. There exist some situations where marketing research has proven that brands need to do the unthinkable- ask for forgiveness. An obvious such situation is when a scandal erupts as happened when the New York Times published a damning article on the work culture at Amazon. Cruelty especially in the meat or dairy industry can mean similar repercussions as happened post the Blackfish documentary for SeaWorld. On the human side, there could be a case where an employee or some of them are meted out treatment deemed unjust by the general public. There could be a situation where an individual’s remarks cause outrage and the company needs to apologize. Sometimes companies act arrogant and speak in high handed manner. This especially when done with the press is dangerous. Dishonesty is almost never forgiven by the consumer base as happened with Volkswagen’s wrong emissions report. Accusations of extravagance can never be controlled by philanthropy and thus all organizations must be careful before splurging it on activities deemed unnecessary. The not-for-profit and government sectors need to be most careful about this. Corruption charges can land giants in great difficulty as happened with FIFA, which immediately prompted both Coca Cola and McDonald’s to remove their names from the sporting body’s events. The food and beverage industry needs to be very careful against contamination as seen to have wrecked Chipotle’s position in the same. Johnson & Johnson though did repair the damage and win back brand trust after they had a similar fallout in 1982. Finally there is negligence, something from which the mighty BP is struggling hard to win back eroded trust. Source:

While Brexit is a macro economics issue, it can also be used to learn many lessons at the micro level. Companies must focus on their employees first rather than short term profits margins or stock markets. Business research conducted by Gallup confirms that employee engagement levels have shrunk by a third across the industry and this isn’t a good sign. Employees who deal directly with customers must be accorded greater influence rather than complicating their roles by adding layers of bureaucracy. Each business manager must divide his or her time in such a way that a third of total time can be spent directly interacting with customers. Transparency is no longer an option but a must. Due to smartphones, information or rumour travels much faster than ever before so it is better to confront this by being open to employees rather than trying to hide things. Thus corporates must not fail in predicting employee views, the way British leaders failed to gauge the voting public.


A study commissioned by business consulting giant Bain & Co. has clearly identified that an increase in customer retention by a mere five percent can increase profits by twenty five percent. Another study confirms that while there is a sixty to seventy percent chance of converting an ex customer into a repeat one, there is only a maximum of twenty percent chance of converting a lead into a new customer. Thus it is extremely important to revive customers that have been lost to businesses. Companies need to conduct internal business research to gauge what were the features that these ex customers really liked. Those aspects must be provided to them using webinars, info-graphics or videos. Top class content must be created for them using blogs, case studies or e-books. The company must position itself as a resource for information and help which it can provide at time of need. If all such tactics fail, one can always fall back on simply asking for product feedback to simply engage the ‘dead’ customer.


With mobile phone becoming vital ingredients in the business world, professionals need to take care of certain precautionary measures in order to use the same effectively. Ultimately, phone based business processes fall under the responsibility of the management. Thus the management needs to make sure no malware, illegal hacking or security leaks must take place. Mobile security is a huge concern among employees as proven through business research conducted by SOTI. Employees must be trained properly to make use of the technology and related processes. Adequate hardware support must be provided to ensure mobile based technologies work well. This is all the more crucial with the Internet of Things based processes. Business will flourish if these breeches can be rectified. Source:

The words passion and vision are used as maxims in business though their central role to success in the same is debatable. In case an entrepreneur did not have either, it is not possible to just suddenly build up the same. Business research conducted by professors at the MIT Sloan School of Management concluded that it is much more important to execute a vision rather than simply dreaming up. Before waiting for the right idea to come to mind, it is essential to simply let go and start something. A look at some of the great entrepreneurs over the years shows that none of them were crystal clear as to how things would shape up over the years. This includes giants such as Michael Dell, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. They all had the desire to succeed and eventually figured out the right path towards success, but never waited for that eureka moment.


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