A survey of CEOs held about a decade back by McKinsey revealed that these top executives give a lot of importance to a well laid-out talent strategy. Yet, many were displeased by the ongoing talent management practices as employed by the respective HR teams. Unfortunately, a decade on, little seems to have changed on the ground. The main disconnect lies with the HR Business Partners or HRBPs. In spite of being good at counseling junior staff, HRBPs with a strategic bent of mind, seem to be hard to find. To improve this search, firstly the title of the designation itself needs a change to Talent Value Leader. For this to succeed, the HRBP needs to be free from all operational responsibilities so he/she may concentrate on the strategic side. These Talent Value Leaders must get empowered enough to influence the overall company vision and corporate strategy. This will ensure that they will no longer be viewed as merely personnel managers. Finally, a proper pipeline must be developed for such potential leaders to succeed existing ones.


Uploaded Date:17 March 2018

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