Companies all across sectors and geographies, are now looking to boost their credibility in terms of the trust they enjoy. This is true both with customers as well as their employees, for whom more suitable talent management terms are being explored. One way in doing this is by allowing them discretion over how they want their work to be done. Job crafting is another such technique. This could also lead to facilitation of the whole- person growth. A recent report released post a decades’ worth of data being studied, by marketing research firm Gallup, clearly points to the eroding trust factor. In order to manage this growing stress, companies would do well to recognize excellence, as it boosts employees’ confidence levels as well. A sense of “challenge stress” could be induced. Information within the organization, unless confidential, needs to be shared broadly. There need to be means by which companies can help employees build relationships. Vulnerability must not be dismissed as weakness, but a step in trying to learn the trade better. The return on trust is immense, as such firms have been noted for far better performances.


Uploaded Date:29 January 2020

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