In a workforce increasingly manned by millennials, baby-boomers are in a quandary. As per business intelligence provided by the Pew Research Center, the former is soon likely to replace the latter as the most dominant group across corporate America. This is creating complications in talent recruitment policies. Conventional wisdom suggests that the workforce reflect the customer base. That is why increasingly, even market leaders such as IBM are distorting the age-profile within their teams. While a lot of focus is paid ot workforce diversity in terms of gender, ethnicity, skin color and sexual orientation, the problem of ageism has barely been addressed. A Pro Publica study even highlighted the plight by stating that several of the older employees aged between 52 and 70 at IBM were fired in spite of good performances in favor of youngsters. The present 21-35 age group need not be the same as previous ones. For a start, the numbers are already quite diverse, with white-male proportions reducing ever since the ‘greatest generation’. Due to current rapid pace-of-change, older generations are often unable to keep up with the latest trends. Many of the boomers defy the lazy stereotypes and are actually adept at learning newer things. They need to go out of their way to demonstrate this quick-grasping ability.


Uploaded Date:22 June 2018

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