The Pasona Group is one of Japan’s biggest HR consulting firms engaged in providing talent recruitment solutions to its clients. The company’s founder cum CEO is a major advocate of a more independent and flexible workforce citing benefits to both sides of the equation. About four decades back when YasuyukiNambo started out, there were few independent, gig workers. But now the makeup of the workforce has changed with two-fifths of Japanese employees being non-regular. Pasona’s staffing solutions are now spread out across countries such as Germany, China, Indonesia, Singapore, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, USA and Thailand. With demographic and technological changes afoot, certain aspects will gain further credence such as flexibility, retraining of older employees and equal pay for female workers. Nambu has even invested time and money in tackling certain national issues such as depopulation of rural areas and the country’s reducing food security. Nambu’s approach towards long-term fulfilment of the corporate strategy is second to none, yet he has faced scrutiny regarding the limited short-term financial growth. So, Hong Kong-based Oasis Management has taken over a substantial stake to drive further business.


Uploaded Date:22 June 2018

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