The Third Path Institute is a non- profit form, that deals with the best practices that lead to a work- life balance, especially for business leaders. Contrary to the popular perception, and the image touted by the likes of Elon Musk, Mark Cuban and Tim Cook, this group believes that work- life balance is not a myth for the top performers. They even conduct the Pioneering Leaders summit, where the best talent management practices are discussed. Their strategies include the ‘vacation checklists’ or things to do, when taking leaves from work. Some practices have been identified by different leaders, which can ensure the continuation of such work- life balance, while continuing to prosper at the work place. To start off, one needs to learn how to work differently. Whatever is the plan, one need not deviate from it, but believe in the same. Once set, one needs to speak up to ensure, it is kept up. This plan needs to include a pointer, to keep, family priorities always on top.


Uploaded Date:25 January 2019

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