The Penguin Random House has come up with an excellent recent book on leadership titled The Captain Class. This is authored by Sam Walker. He wanted to find out the greatest sports teams’ DNA and what separated them from the others. So, he went on a data warehousing spree, collecting information about top sports teams in the NBA, English Premier League and field hockey in the Olympic games. He finally came down to the conclusion that all these teams were driven by leaders who had the single-minded focus to win things above all. The book also provides anecdotes on how these leaders and subsequently the teams overcame some of their toughest challenges such as the 1957 NBA finals involving Bill Russell or the explosive game between Real Madrid and Barcelona involving Luis Figo playing for the former. A lot of these leaders were not the archetypal athletes, or great speakers, but simply those who were influential, often from behind the scenes.


Uploaded Date :06 February 2018

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