Historically, it was understood that the increased ability of any economy to increase productivity per worker would lead to increased wages per person. However, this trend has now been bucked as for the last odd decade productivity has barely risen in the developed economies. Thus, they are in a rut on how to increase prosperity for the people. The sure-shot way to increase management training for employees and invest in them through three major ways. These investments could be in terms of Wages, Time and Energy. Customer advocacy and employee engagement can increase can lead to improvements in human capital without compromising on shareholder value. Time needs to be measured like money, and each hour wasted must be accounted for as an opportunity cost. Kaizen events and Agile sprints are examples of such innovative forces being tapped into. The Apple Blue Sky, LinkedIn’s Incubator and Microsoft’s Garage are examples of IT companies giving employees time off to explore business innovations. Finally, companies must invest in creating jobs that unleash inspirational energy.


Uploaded Date : 06 October 2017

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