Tourism is a massive money-spinner in several parts of the world. This is both in terms of direct generation of travel jobs as well as those ancillary industries dependent on tourist arrivals. A case in point is Spain where more than three million people are employed in this industry generating a total of sixty-four billion euros to the economy each year. The leisure part of tourism in particular is a key ingredient. While hotels and bars are well known parts of that ecosystem, casinos too play a very important role. Las Vegas, to cite an example, is a city almost entirely dependent for its tourism proceeds on the gambling industry. While more than forty million people visited Las Vegas in 2017, casinos need to up their ante to ensure they do not get literally robbed off by other tourist ventures. Online gambling too is a huge challenge. Some casinos have resorted to displaying their fame and history as notable landmarks, thus ensuring business. Many leverage the holiday season aspect, knowing that a risky vocation like gambling, people will be most comfortable indulging on, while on holiday. A lot have even added free money just to induce the customers to start off. Some put on a display involving fireworks and stars to attract them customers.


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