Business research conducted by the Harvard Business Review (HBR) has brought forth what has been termed as the CEO Life Cycle. The first year is usually the Honeymoon, where minor mistakes may be made, but not punished, as one is simply learning the ropes of entrepreneurship. The second year may be described as the Sophomore Slump, due to the turbulences a business is bound to incur at this junction. The entrepreneur is a bit more experienced, so can no longer escape responsibilities for the crippling losses. The next few years are all about recovery. So, years 3 to 5, are typically termed as the Recovery, as now the business consolidates, and wins a loyal customer base. Next is the growth phase. Years 6 to 10 are known as the Complacency Trap. The years of hard work are paying off now, so it is natural for many to turn off and get too comfortable. Years 11 to 15 are the Golden Years. This is when the business really hits off. For those companies that are going to thrive in the long term, this golden run does not end on year fifteen, while others fall prey to the error band.


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