The CEO’s role is extremely complicated especially in large global companies. While they have myriad resources at their disposal, they need to manage all business units’ and functional agendas across levels. The job is relentless with few breaks in between to enjoy the perks of the position. Weekends usually too get occupied by work. So, CEOs must take out time specifically for their personal well-being. Some of the most effective CEOs are those that work face-to-face and avoid excess cluttering through emails. CEO’s need to set the corporate strategy and this agenda is what must drive them on. Such strategies need to be aligned with the company culture. But this agenda is not static but keeps evolving due to ongoing developments. These developments could be triggered off by technological changes or evolution of consumer preferences. The CEO must take care to limit one’s involvement in routine activities beyond a point, so that he/she may be able to focus on the core strategic and innovation aspects. A CEO also needs to be adept at talent management, as there is a lot of reliance on those directly reporting below. That is why they need to be in touch with the other managers too. Data needs to be tracked so they can gauge the bigger picture within the firm and the industry overall. Once monitoring is done, steps need be taken to improve the processes. The best CEOs even know how to get the best out of team meetings.


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