Due to several reasons, companies go through transformations. This is particularly true for the present times due to the constant business disruptions. Most companies approach this in a linear fashion. Better will be to have it more dynamic as rarely will any logical sequence of action actually work out. With such disruptions occurring, new peaks may come up or newer frontiers open up. There are five broad strategies towards such change. The most common one is “planned itinerary” which is linear in nature. The complete opposite spectrum is “river crossing”, fraught with uncertainties. “Escape the swamp” is an approach where the organization simply runs away from its present status where it is decaying even if no solution yet devised. In “hill climbing” style, the mechanism is important and not the final outcome alone. The best means however is “scouting and wandering”. Here, maximum future options are kept open. Since the system is not rigid, it is most fertile ground for business innovations to flourish.


Uploaded Date:20 July 2018

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