Companies need to proactively tackle certain culture- damaging conversations, that are unfortunately common across organizations and sectors. Deceptive messages are passed on, which over a period of time, acquire a sense of truth, where none existed. This phenomenon is known as neuroplasticity, and relates to how the brain circuits are connected. Companies need to thus, relabel such deceptive messages through their covert networks. They may also choose to reframe the original messages, such that it reinforces positivity. Such conversations often officer around the misperceptions around risk. Similar misperceptions also abound on the value to be derived out of any engagement. The talent management team at any firm also needs to work on the misperceptions around proficiency. And finally, there are the misperceptions of validity. Emotional reasoning is often the root cause behind a number of self- fulfilling but ultimately destroying prophecies.


Uploaded Date:02 November 2019

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