Chatbots have evolved and are now much smarter than earlier. We now have voice based chatbots such as Siri, Alexa and Google Home, plus native ones like Slack and Facebook Messenger. The next level is Emotional Intelligence (EI). Various human emotions were tagged by studying usage patterns and EI based chatbots were created. It has broadly divided human interaction into six emotions that are – happiness, anger, surprise, sadness, disgust and fear. They enable personalized interaction. Machine learning enabled programmes such as Affectiva allow mapping of customer expressions using webcams. This generates authentic business intelligence on customer feelings and reactions. Customer services can also be improved by them. Overall greater efficiency is achieved along with an improvement in responsiveness as there is no lag due to people issues. The behaviour analysis that is done provides a long term data warehousing for the ways in which customers react at different situations. The problem solving is also fairly instant.


Uploaded Date:19/06/2017

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